About 7Gen Leaders

We started 7Gen Leaders, a political organization, because we believe Congress needs forward thinking policy makers who will lead with purpose. Throughout our lives our elders have taught us to be thoughtful on the decisions we make because, “where we step, our children will follow.” That is the essence of 7Gen Leaders, we help elect leaders who will make decisions that will have positive impacts on generations to come.

7Gen Leaders believes…

Leadership should reflect the diversity of our communities.

Global warming is real and protecting our environment must be a priority.

Through innovation, the United States can find smart solutions to promote green energy while building our economy.

We can build safe, secure and vibrant communities for future generations to thrive.


Every student deserves affordable access to higher education.

Every family deserves equal opportunity to build a financially secure future.

Smart and informed decisions and public policy must consider the impact on future generations.

How can you help?

Make a contribution to 7Gen Leaders. Your contribution will help elect leaders that will make smart and informed decisions impacting future generations.

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