Rudy Soto, Candidate, Idaho D-1

“In Congress, I’ll fight for a pathway to quality and affordable health care for all Americans. No family should have to go through what mine has.”

Shane Morigeau, Candidate, Montana State Auditor

“I think representation matters. Montanans deserve elected officials who are connected to their communities, who listen, and who don’t just show up to win political office or treat any office like a stepping stone to the next election.”

Sharice Davids, Candidate, Kansas D-3

“As a woman and a Native American, I know how to stand up and fight for equity. As a lawyer, economic advisor, and advocate, I know how to build consensus and get things done.”

Deb Haaland, New Mexico D-1

“I believe New Mexico can be a place of strong, safe communities where our kids can be happy growing up and can build a life here when they are grown.”

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It is time that our leadership and public policy reflect the growing and evolving changes in our society, and in turn, the society that our children will inherit. It is time to support leadership that will foster a brighter future for the seventh generation.

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We are leaders who want change at the national level. Change that will generate smart and informed decisions that will have a lasting impact to improve our lives today and for the seven generations of tomorrow.

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